Aspiring to Inspire,

I Inspire Beauty was birthed during a painful season of my life, during marital separation and divorce - an experience that challenged me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually all at once. Plans suddenly halted, my hopes and dreams for the future in jeopardy. I felt like my world crumbled and I was buried in the rubble. Finding my way out was a passage that only God could have taken me on. A passage to a new place, a place that I know now to be a journey to beauty. It was a season that became less about my marriage and more about me, my relationship with God, and my relationship with myself.

"I'm going to show you who I am. I'm going to show you who you are."

- God

​It's easy to celebrate life's wins but even in the darkest, most painful, and ugliest places, if we listen and look closely we can find something exquisite. Within that space where uncertainty, fear, and seemingly confusion resides there is a weaving taking place, a shaping and formation of a multi-dimensional masterpiece, a beauty. Beauty is a destination, an ongoing journey, and a state of being all at the same time. I Inspire Beauty is a sisterhood, a ministry, and foundation where we are embracing and aspiring to inspire the passage to this masterpiece of beauty through self discovery and self mastery. This is our place to serve, to provoke thought, to share, to grow, to celebrate, to encourage, to find and inspire beauty in and around us.

He has made everything beautiful for its own time. 

Ecclesiastes 3:11

During my marriage I asked God to use it as a ministry and to show me his purpose for it. Little did I know that he would use my marriage to show me the ministry within me. The Caged Bird is a narrative and visual depiction through makeup art of my testimony during this season with God.


Beauty is My Ministry. 

Shantika Holliday