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Netflix Party Setup Instructions


Party Prep!

Netflix Party is an extension to the Google Chrome web browser that lets you watch video content on Netflix at the same time as your friends or family while in different locations. All participants must have access to a Netflix subscription in order to join the party. A 30 day free trial is currently available. Additionally, Netflix Party only works on desktop or laptop computers (Windows, Mac, ChromeOS). Mobile devices, including phones and tablets, are NOT supported.

1. Add Google Chrome Web Browser (skip this step if you already have Google Chrome): 

Click here, or go to then select "Download Chrome". Follow the on screen steps to completed the download. ​​


2. Add Netflix Party Google Chrome Extension:

Click here, or go to . The link will take you to the Chrome Web Store to add the Netflix Party Extension. Next, click "Add to Chrome" (blue button).

Once the extension is added the Netflix Party icon (NP) will display near the address bar as below.


Join the Party!

You'll receive a direct link to the Netflix Party 10 minutes prior to show time. Click on the link or paste it into the address bar of Google Chrome, then log into your Netflix account. Once logged in, click on the Netflix Party icon (NP) to watch with us. Here's what you should see.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 11.44.35