Model, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist!

Tae has battled with a rare form of epilepsy all of her life. In 2011 at the age of 27 after suffering a seizure which caused a stroke Tae lost 80% of her memory and became paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. 


But Tae has proven to not be bound at all! Not to her wheelchair, not to her challenges with epilepsy, and not to society or the fashion industry's definition of beauty. Despite her disorder Tae has fearlessly fought to reach her goals and demonstrate through her faith in God and tenacity that dreams can become a reality. 

Tae is a known face on the runway within the local fashion society within her community in Charlotte, NC but in 2018 she modeled on the runway at one of the most reputable fashion events in one of the major fashion capitals in the world, New York Fashion Week. This was a dream come true for Tae that was well deserved. Not only has she created a platform for herself through her signature fierce stroll on the runway but she has advocated for years to break barriers in the industry and inspire others to redefine beauty and to live passionately. 

In 2011 Tae founded The MFSE Foundation Inc. (Modeling to Fight Stroke and Epilepsy) where her mission is to find a cure, educate, bring awareness, end discrimination and provide advocacy, to existing communities resources and support services for person(s) with strokes and epilepsy. 

Tae is also has her own hair care line and is a chef!  Visit the links below to see more of Tae sharing and inspiring beauty in Charlotte, NC and worldwide. 

Tae McKenzie - Lifestyle, Fashion, & Beauty YouTube Channel

Modeling to Fight Stroke ​and Epilepsy Foundation, Inc 




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If you were to catch just a quick glance at many of Asha's videos on her YouTube channel you'd probably guess that with titles like Shopping Haul, Get Ready With Me, and Favorite Spring Lipsticks that she's just one of many fashion and beauty vloggers that YouTube has become so popular for. 


But not so. Within those videos with her fashionable style and full face makeup you'll also witness Asha documenting her challenges with lupus. 


She shares every part of her journey with grace and as she struggled day after day to do something we all take for granted, to breath. Asha was on the list for a double lung transplant and spent months in the hospital waiting for a match. You can see in her videos that she didn't allow her illness to dim her vibrant personality or shake her faith even while confined to a hospital room fighting for her life.

Sadly, Asha's lungs didn't hold up long enough for a match. She was so young but in her short life her spirit has connected with so many as through her display she was a teacher of courage, strength, and faith.  

Witness Asha's journey on her YouTube Channel

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."
- Maya Angelou