5 TED Talks every Woman Must See

As Women’s History Month comes to a close we must take time to honor other women but also honor ourselves. We are doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends and the list goes on an on and because of the many roles we play we oftentimes forget to pour into ourselves.

What an honor it is to carry the title of being a woman. Our strength, grace and our resilience are a few of the things that make us, us! As we wrap up the month of celebrating women and the contributions that women have made in history, remember to celebrate being a woman every day of the year! To keep you motivated, here are 5 TED Talks that every woman must see. Let us know which TED Talk is your favorite!

1. My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything – Shonda Rhimes

2. Why Thinking You’re Ugly Is Bad For You – Meghan Ramsey

3. Listening to Shame- Brene’ Brown

4. 3 Questions to Ask Yourself about Everything You Do- Stacy Abrams

5. How to Build Your Confidence and Spark it in Others. –Brittany Packnett

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