Don't Forsake the Footsteps

By Teena Allen

I have often disregarded where I have been (my journey); however, it is in these footsteps I have become more of who I have been created to be. This life is not about a destination but a journey, with many footsteps. Forsaking the footsteps can leave you feeling isolated, tainted and devalued. Embracing the footsteps reveals another level of wisdom. This wisdom is used almost like a key to the next door for your journey. 

In the footsteps, you find other travelers along the way.  Those who are finding the way to manifest their authentic power! My sisters, as we honor our footsteps, remember the ones who may not speak of their journey or even know how. The acknowledgment through grace is often times enough to make the road less traveled more bearable. So, don't forsake the journey, it is there to help you reach the highest and best expression of yourself. 

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