Forgive but don't Forget

Have you ever been in a situation where you were hurt, and miscommunication lead to years of someone not liking you and the hardest part is never being able to talk to the person to clear up the matter? Today I was confronted to look within at an ongoing situation and see how God is calling me to exercise forgiveness when I could turn a blind eye and continue to let misunderstanding and unspoken truth damage what God is doing in my heart. When we think about forgiveness, we often think about letting someone off the hook for a wrong they did and forgetting anything ever happened. But what if God is calling us to see forgiveness in a new light? When I hear the word forgiveness these words come to mind: underserving, peace of mind, loving, amazing, hopeful, and redeemed. In His crucifixion Jesus asked the Father to forgive those who persecuted Him. “Then Jesus said, Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing” Luke 23:34. I once read “without the crucifixion of Christ on the cross there is no power, no freedom, no forgiveness, no authority, no strength, no victory, nothing at all”.

Holding on to hurt, anger and offense affects us more then we realize. When we allow unsettled matters to live in our hearts, we see it play out in relationships we have with our children, spouse, parents, friends etc. Michael Todd said “If our heart is open our hand will be open". How can we expect to receive what God is doing if we are operating from a closed heart? We’re to ask God to create a clean heart within us, pray daily for our spirits to be renewed and mend our broken relationships. Throughout the bible Jesus calls us to forgive not just for ourselves for but for others. The Lord's prayer says “If we forgive others God will also forgive us” Matt 6:14. When we fail to forgive others for the wrong they’ve caused, we risk God not forgiving us for the pain we've caused. God calls us to be disciples bearing his image. No person is free from sin yet God is faithful and extends his grace even when we're underserving. He commands we be kind , tender-hearted and forgiving as he forgives us. I truly believe once we allow forgiveness in our heart God does amazing things for HIS glory. If you’ve never ask Christ to come into your life and save you from yourself, I pray you find time today to confess with you mouth that Jesus is Lord and you will be saved.

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