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I had a productive few hours in Star Bucks doing some work to get this blog up and running. The sun was setting and I was at the downtown location so the streets were getting noisy as the nightlife crowd was accumulating. I got a good park that day so it was only a short walk across one intersection to get to my car. In route, I got stuck behind a group of people who appeared to be together, walking really slowly in front of me taking up the entire sidewalk (don’t you hate that) and no room to get around them. I could see a large group of people standing idle just ahead of them that we would all have to make our way through. As we approached I noticed maybe two or three of them handing out some sort of flyer and drumming up conversation with the walker byers as they passed them out. For that second, I was thankful for the slow walking group ahead of me as they’d be first to be greeted by the solicitors giving me the opportunity to scurry quickly around them ditching their snail pace and bypassing whatever pitch the idle group was making with their flyer. Not to be mean but I was on a mission and wasn’t in the mood to make nice and smile through an info session of something that I was probably going to have zero interest in. Just when I successfully made it through the crowd unbothered, so I thought, a hand with a flyer in it cutoff my straight-line view of my car and I hear a voice say “ma’am”. My thoughts as I did not stop walking was “dang, they got me” (I know that’s terrible right). I didn’t slow down long enough to get the pitch but I did take the flyer and politely said thank you. Without even looking at it and no real intention to do so I sat it in the passenger seat with the rest of my belongings and went on my way.

As I’m gathering my things to exit my car I get a glimpse of the writing on the flyer, which wasn’t a flyer at all but a little pamphlet, I noticed it had scriptures on the back. Because it was about The Lord I felt guilty about straight trashing it and figured I should at least look at it (but not right now…). I sat it back in the passenger seat and figured I’d look at it at some point then toss it. Some point came the following Sunday evening while sitting in my car getting ready to leave the lake where I’d spent the afternoon reading, enjoying the scene, and just having some me time. During my peaceful excursion, I recall taking in the beautiful view as you can see in the photo above and hearing God say to me “if I can hold these clouds in the sky what more can I do for you”. I found comfort in that moment as I continue progressing on my journey of healing from my divorce and work to write this new chapter of my life. Hearing from God that day was a reminder of something he’d spoken to me during my marital separation which was a very painful experience. He told me “if I can handle your job (I moved and by my request my employer allowed me to work remotely full time with no questions asked), your business (which was booming with no huge effort on my part), and your finances (my house sold in 48 hours of listing giving me a huge opportunity to payoff nearly all of my debt and still have savings for a new home), I can certainly handle your relationships”. During this process of healing I always thought to these three things as gifts from God and reminders that even in the dark times he’s keeping me.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” “__And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1

So back to the pamphlet, as you can see it above it was tiny and a quick read. The article was about a former atheist who found his belief in God through his acknowledgement of the universe and all its elements being the work of a genius. As I was reading I couldn’t help but hold the picture of the universe in my mind as illustration of what the writer was describing. In that moment, I heard similar to what I’d heard just minutes before “if I can create the universe, what more can I do for you”. It was then that I acknowledged it as a promise from God. It wasn’t specific but it was certainly clear. It was clear that God was reminding me once again that he’s still keeping me and just as he did with his creation of the universe he will see to it that I’m good. Needless to say, I didn’t throw the pamphlet away!

“God has not only created the sun, moon, and stars – He has created you with a never-dying spirit and soul.”

- Who Made It?

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