Jan's Fall Favorites!

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

By Jan McCluney

The leaves are changing, beautiful colors of rich gold and deep burgundy are adorning our eyes. We see the leaves changing, and the nice cool breeze in the morning with the onset of fall. Not to mention, pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I find it to be a time where we can sit and reflect on the old things departing and new things arriving. The trees turn beautiful and then shed to leave us with a clear view of life. It’s a great time to grab a pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider and reflect on your goals, dreams and appreciate how far you have come. In the process of reflection we want to also look good right? I am going to share with you my fall favorites that are an absolute must to guide you into the new season of you.

The Urban Cowboy Hat

The urban cowboy hat trend has taken over the fashion industry by storm. I must admit I had to have one, and I love it. I wear it with absolutely everything, including dresses and skirts. I would suggest wearing this with your favorite pair of jeans along with a basic white t-shirt. I would also add a long cardigan to complete the look. This is a must for your closet and life ladies. The extra bonus is it can be worn all seasons.

Leather Bottoms

Leather is a pretty basic go to piece for fall. However this year it has been on fire. I paired my leather mini with a graphic tee, which gives it a more casual look. If you are looking to make this a more work appropriate look, try pairing your skirt or pants with a nice basic white dress shirt. Not only will this create a classic look, you will also be spreading leather love with your new fall statement piece.

Snake Skin

I must admit I have purchased about 4 pairs of snakeskin shoes this year. I love bold looks and statements pieces. What says hello like a bold snakeskin print? I would suggest using your own personal style to make your mark with this trend. The good thing is you can go as a subtle as a small handbag, or be bold and try multi-colored snakeskin shoes or pants. My only suggestion is to go subtle with your paring. If you chose the snakeskin pants balance it with a basic black or white top. You can’t lose with that combo. I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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