Keep Your Head Down

I know the title of this post may have puzzled you as we often hear “keep your head UP” as a sentiment of encouragement when having a tough day or a challenging life season. The same sentiment is shared here but with a different flavor. In a world saturated with ideas, businesses, endeavors, sales pitches, launches, offers, and one persuasion after the next it’s easy to feel suffocated creatively, emotionally, and mentally as you work to pursue your own passion and execute the vision you know was especially delivered to you because you can feel it in your DNA, you feel it in your body, you breath it, it’s your story, you’re living it, and it won’t let you sleep. As a creative and visionary your ultimate desire is to remain true to your gift and what feeds you but with constant comparisons and judgments both inward and externally it seems that the same energy that inspires you can quickly turn to the energy that drowns out the very spirit you thrive in.

One evening as I was experiencing this myself while working on my ventures I became overwhelmed by the anxiety that I felt and somewhat frustrated, but still an inkling of excitement, optimism, and hope existed. Then I hear so clearly, “keep your head down” and again “keep your head down and do YOUR work”. It was a spiritual check I’d say, reminding me to keep my energy focused on my own work, my own assignment, my own gifts, which will ultimately lead to my own opportunities, my own rewards, my own success. It was a reminder that being a spectator won’t give me the results I want, but what will is God’s grace and favor, my faith, and my work. So this post is another reminder for myself and others to keep your head down and give your energy to your own assignment, set the goals, check off the items on the to do list, and execute the plan. Before you know it you’ll look up for a breather and realize how far you’ve come.



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