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We’ve reached the half-way mark of the first month of 2020 and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard… “2020 is the year of perfect vision”. It’s cliche’, it sounds good, it’s inspiring, it’s a message of hope that 2020 will finally be “our year”. It’s the year that the stars will all align and the fog will clear. Right?? Or is it… Don’t get me wrong, I’m with it. I love the positivity. But I personally haven’t joined the wagon and adopted it as my mantra (but I’m rooting for those who have!). There’s another mantra that God has made clear belongs to me.. and perhaps you too.

2019 was the first time I’d ever invested in any type of business coaching program (intended for my beauty business, I’m a licensed esthetician and makeup artist). One of the features of the program are monthly group calls. I remember near the end of the very first call prior to wrapping up, the business coach asked if there were any questions or volunteers who wanted to present details about their business for review. I was reluctant because it was our first call, with a group of strangers whom I felt were all much more successful than me thus far, my business was in transition, blah blah blah.. all the reasons my mind could talk me out of things and go down the rabbit hole of self doubt and judgement..... but I’d spent good money on investing in the program so I was pushing myself to take full advantage of the coaches time and get what I needed from the session. So reluctantly I asked a question in front of the group with the coach showcasing details about my business (nothing juicy, just talk about social media)…. And her feedback that I was so anxious to receive and thought would be so warm and encouraging was at the time all but UNDERWHELMING. Her response was short, direct, and I felt left me with little to go with …she said, ”you just have to show up”. I was so annoyed by that answer and discouraged. Here I was just wide eyed and ready for her to drop some jewels for me to take off and run with to take my business to the next level and the secret sauce she served was… “you just have to show up”. Those words annoyed me, mentally I considered checking out because I felt wrongfully judged but deep down if I told the truth and let go of my offense (and internal emotional semi-tantrum) I knew she was right.

I just have to show up. In the grand scheme of things that call really was no big deal but those words have lingered in my heart and mind since that conversation and has convicted me in so many ways. I hadn’t been showing up for my business...or FOR MYSELF I have to admit if I'm honest. I got comfortable being comfortable, selling myself short of reaching my fullest potential. Accepting things as they were, being passive about what I want for myself and who I want to be rather than being actively engaged in pursuit of the life I want and holding myself accountable for reaching my goals. I’ve always carried a sense that my life was meant to be so much more than what had manifested thus far and it was because of my own inaction.

Somewhere through my past (I guess from being hurt) I lost my spark of optimism and picked up a pessimistic spirit, which we know most of those emotions are rooted in fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the work and commitment required, fear of what others may think, fear or confusion, fear of being challenged, fear of releasing control (that we don’t really have anyway), fear of the unknown. Though I know deep within that I am more than capable of reaching any goal I put my mind to (contrary to what my mind, if untamed, would try to make me believe). Showing up is exactly what I deserve! Not for acknowledgement or accolades for my business or even me personally but I deserve to show up because showing up means I’m being the best me, FOR ME! Showing up is allowing myself to develop into my fullest potential in every area of my life. Showing up is my liberation! So before 2019 even came to a close I adopted the mantra, commitment, and promise to myself to SHOW UP in every way I can, personally and professionally, FOR ME. I started thinking about the things in my life that I want to change, and knew that they could if I just show up and gave it all that I have with ruthless intention to reach my goals. So for me it’s not the 2020 vision that will suddenly align the stars and take me to my personal next level (on all levels) but it's my ability to SHOW UP that will!

What does it mean to show up?

  • Be afraid and do it anyway! Take the leap and own it full on.

  • Value progress over perfection. Perfection can be paralyzing, start where you are and pivot when needed along the way. But geez Sis make a move already!

  • Challenge the way you’ve always done things. Be willing to try new things and take a different approach. Let go of the “absolute” mindset.

  • Make the first move! Don’t wait for an invitation to a seat at the table. Push the plates and make room for yourself. That means making the initial contact, seeking the help you need and the connections you want to make. Don’t be a sideliner!

  • Set goals and make intentional moves to reach them, no holds barred!

  • F what people think!! (yes I said it!) Value your own opinion of you over what other people think of you so that you can show up with no limitations!

  • Compete with yesterday’s version of YOU and no one else! Work with your head down! Before you know it you'll look up and realize you've accomplished so much!

  • Embrace that your way, your desires, your goals, your destiny doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s and you don’t need permission to be true to yourself! And you don't have to be ashamed or afraid to change courses (or your mind) as needed!

  • Seek and be a sponge for knowledge, open to receiving it from various channels and practice application!

  • Trust your own judgement and creativity!

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes and experiment.

  • Challenge negative self talk and use it as fuel to prove the negative thought wrong!

  • Do the work! Period.

2020 is about showing up for ME because I deserve to benefit from the best version of myself… then I can really serve others and fulfill my life’s purpose.

Peace, love, and blessings 2020 and beyond!


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