Stop the Chase!

Surrender & Trust, Surrender & Trust, Surrender & Trust… you’ll see these words through out this blog over and over because if there was a mantra for my life that would be it, SURRENDER & TRUST! In pondering this common theme what came to mind is for me to perhaps look at it another way, Stop the Chase!

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one evening and paused on a live stream from popular Christian and relationship blogger/speaker Tony Gaskins. I can’t say I listen much but when I do it’s usually good so I happened to pop in for part of the feed. One thing he said that stuck with me was something his grandmother told him, “like who likes you”. He was speaking about being willing to walk away from relationships when there’s no mutual respect and you’re being taken for granted. He spoke about how when you’re so relentlessly set on staying the course with someone (whether that be for religion reasons or otherwise) your unwavering commitment can keep you hostage and vulnerable to an abusive situation. We must guard our hearts! Life has taught me, to always be willing to walk away! But more than in a romantic sense. I’ve learned to not hold onto anyone or anything tightly. If someone wants to walk away, let them. If that thing is costing you too much, let it go.

What is holding on to someone or something costing you? How much are you spending? I’ve learned that self-care includes managing what we allow to consume our thoughts, emotional, and physical energy. We typically hear this when it comes to things like negative self-talk, toxic relationships, etc. which all still apply but what about our hopes and dreams? Are you chasing something or someone that’s not chasing you? Don’t get me wrong everything worth having will require effort and work but Is there something or someone you’re hoping, wishing, and praying for so desperately that it’s holding you emotionally and mentally hostage? Is it causing you to miss out on the blessings you have right now because your focus is so steadfast on “the next thing”. I raise my hand, I was guilty! I guess the bigger lesson that I got from that message was more so a reminder for me, live life with your palms open…open to receive and open to release. #surrender&trust #stopthechase


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