The Invisible Ground, Faith vs. COVID-19

“I’m on fire! I’m chasing dreams and hitting goals ALLLLL 2020 long!!” So I thought.. That was my mind set at the beginning of the year. I was so full, motivated, and super excited about the potential of 2020 because things were lining up (FINALLY!!) in several areas of my personal and professional life. Open private (brow and makeup) beauty suite (check), became a published makeup artist (check), branding photoshoot (check), host ladies event (check) etc, etc, etc. Listen, your girl started the year with intent, I was on a roll and it was just the first quarter! (trust me I’m still working..)

But man did COVID-19 throw a 100lb wrench in the plan! I don’t know about you but I went from super excited about the future to super anxious and worried seemingly overnight. Concerned about the future state of my job, my business, and my home. It felt like I stretched my capacity and finally took a leap of faith to do some things I’ve wanted to do for a long time (including facing some fears) and the ground that I was leaping to, seemingly appeared (making me so hopeful and excited about the possibilities), then suddenly it became invisible.

COVID-19 has reminded me that the only certainty of life is uncertainty. No matter how controlled things may seem, there truly is no control. COVID-19 has rendered us ALL to face our humanity in a way that I have not seen in my lifetime. No amount of money, no level of fame, no level of preparation, no level of professionalism, or lifestyle has protected any of us from being potentially vulnerable to the impact either directly or indirectly. COVID-19 has taught me that my faith (in God, not in myself, the government or any other person) needed to level up!

PAUSE!! Stop the press girl, there’re some I’s you didn’t dot and some t’s you didn’t cross. During my time in quarantine and continuing to plan and build professionally I realized there were a couple of business ends that I needed to tie up that could have come back to bite me at some point, and badly. COVID-19 stopped me in my tracks giving me a chance to get some priorities in order that I should have had in order from the start. Whew… God is a life saver, he revealed it to me ANNND gave me TIME to fix it before "my plan" got me into a tough spot! Could this season some how be a gift to you too?

So like many of you, I’m not sure what the future holds, when all of this will be behind us, or what our new realities long term will look like. But what I do know is that God hasn’t failed me. I’ll trust that just like times before, this season WILL be used to elevate me some how to my next..

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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