What’s Your New Normal?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

God has been dealing with me recently about my new direction in life. I realize that he speaks to me in many ways- I just need to ask for his constant guidance and be open to listening. Some of the ways that He speaks to me is through dreams, prophetic words of others, subtle nudges, and even numbers. In light of the recent coronavirus disease crisis, I encourage others to seek Him more than ever before.

I sat in my office listening to Pandora radio prophetically singing 90’s girl group Trinitee 5:7 God’s Grace. Struggling to recall details about a recent dream that I had neglected to write down…something about warfare…octopus…the word epidemic flashing… I could not help but overhear the conversations that flowed nearby. Just as the yellowbird blow dryer began its hum, here came the half-yelling words of one of our more animated clients. “Girl, don’t you know that black hair salons and barber shops are Recession Proof!” Recession Proof- Describes an asset, company, industry, or other entity that is believed to be resistant to the outcomes of an economic decline. She went on to say the ‘The Great Recession’ of 2008 hit so hard and lasted almost 2 years due to faulty real estate lending to borrowers with poor credit and janky payment history. Realizing that the yellowbird was now taking a break, she lowered her voice to say “It was a sad time for a lot of industries. As former realtors, my hubby and I both were forced back into corporate jobs, which had also taken a hit. But hey, whenever there was an interview to be had- we journeyed to our local salon and barber shop which did not skip a beat. They stayed packed!”  

​ She was partially right as I had recently moved to Charlotte, NC in late 2007, so by the time I settled back into the industry, all the headlines indicated real estate crash, automobile industry bail outs, and potentially failing banks. Through it all, those of us in the cosmetic arts industry remained gainfully employed. We were there to style and to encourage those who needed to look the part for their New Normal. My mind drifted yet again to the prophetic words of my spiritual sister telling me to pursue Psalms 91, praying it over my home, family, and business, seeking God’s refuge and protection against night terrors, plague, pestilence, and disaster of all kinds.

​ The conversation pulled me in again as another woman chimed in “Well, this time is different…. We are being forced into ‘social distancing’ – what in the world is going on? As a matter of fact, I believe I’ve had this [Rona] already! And that’s before they were even calling it that! You know, you can carry that darn COLVID-19 disease for 2 whole weeks before showing ANY symptoms?!  Back at the end of January, remember, almost everyone we knew had some form of severe cold or flu?? Shoot, my whole classroom was sent home full of symptoms… and we had them ALL… dry cough that lingered, fatigue, fever, labored breathing, chest pains and all that” Yea, this time is different!”

​ Different indeed, I agreed to myself. While any crisis makes an economic impact, this most recent deadly outbreak is SEVERE in the fact that it is no longer an epidemic but is spreading worldwide and is now considered a pandemic. In just 3 short months spanning from the first known case on Dec. 31st, 2019 on up to mid-March 2020, we’ve now discovered half a million known cases and over 26,000 deaths worldwide…and counting! I’ve never witnessed anything of this caliber in my lifetime. As I also hope to not have to experience this ever again. I will never forget March 23nd, 2020. That day, a government mandate went out, demanding that my entire industry be shut down by the end of the 3rd day from this announcement. I was instantly flooded with thoughts, but I knew that I had to surpass feeling responsible for the drop in finances of my coworkers and tenants, and even for dropping scheduled clients who depended on me regularly. What I know about the biblical number 3, is that of Resurrection as well as God’s signature of approval. I realized that we are all in this together. We shall return at some point, with a different outlook than ever before. What I also learned from this crisis is that no industry is recession proof. Even on the front lines of this ‘war’, our ‘ESSENTIAL’ health care workers are dealing with shortages on equipment and supplies. We must continue to support them, lift them up that they may lean on Him as their supply.

​I became aware of the music in the background again, as it suddenly switched in the middle of another song to I’m Next by Demetrius West…. Miracles with my name on it….Peace with my name on it etc… I believe!  Wow, that really spoke to me. I’m looking to every moment moving forward as an opportunity. It’s my opportunity to focus diligently on the career change and early retirement that I’ve been praying for.(Careful what you wish for has a whole new meaning). It’s my opportunity to spend quality time with my family and take care of my household while on quarantine aka ‘lockdown’. It is also my opportunity to reach out to my loved ones to show my appreciation; a time for prayer and meditation for those whom we’re losing, as well as those being born at such a time as this. It’s also your opportunity to listen to what God is speaking to you at this moment…. WHAT’S YOUR NEW NORMAL?

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With Thought Provoking Love, Tika Tik

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