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|LINK| Netflix Zip Code Credit Card Problem


netflix zip code credit card problem

A: I had the same problem, I try to solve this problem by these steps : 1 - I updated the card details on the account and since it's new, I just put the CC number with the expiration date on my form. 2 - Then I created a new billing ZIP code (the zip code of the city where I live is 68410) and gave the number I've create in the previous step and I save. I set the ZPX to the ZIP code of the city I'm living and set the ZIP to the ZIP I created. 3 - The problem has solved itself, after that there was no more declined transaction from Netflix. 184 S.E.2d 418 (1971) 12 N.C. App. 146 Charles Patrick STEVENS v. V. W. RICHARDSON, Administrator, Western Correctional Institution, Respondent. No. 7110SC227. Court of Appeals of North Carolina. June 16, 1971. *420 Atty. Gen. Robert Morgan, by Asst. Atty. Gen. Andrew A. Vanore, Jr., for respondent appellant. *421 Powell & Morgan by E. C. Powell, Jr., Rocky Mount, for petitioner appellee. CAMPBELL, Judge. On this appeal from the superior court, the issues are (1) whether there was substantial evidence that the deceased was an alcoholic and (2) whether it was error to admit into evidence hospital records which tended to show that the deceased was a chronic alcoholic. I Before defendant may be held liable in this action, it must be shown that the deceased was an alcoholic. The word "alcoholic" means "a habitually drunken person" or "one who habitually uses alcoholic liquors." Webster's New International Dictionary (2d Ed.). G.S. § 138-2 provides that in civil actions, "alcoholic intoxication shall be presumed, in a case in which death or injury or damage has been caused to the person of such alcoholic person by reason of the intoxication, from one of the causes for which the liability is imposed." The evidence presented by the plaintiff tended to show that the deceased habitually drank alcoholic liquors. Defendant offered no evidence that the deceased was not an alcoholic. This court holds that there was substantial evidence to support the superior court's findings that the deceased was an alcoholic. II We hold that the hospital

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|LINK| Netflix Zip Code Credit Card Problem

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